Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Birth of Trappeze Pub

Trappeze Pub was born on December 21st, 2007 in Athens, Georgia as the culmination of a long love affair that I have had with craft beer over the past 14 years. I have pretty much spent my whole life in Athens (short stint in Statesboro) and have watched the town evolve and grow around it's ever-changing pool of residents. Athens has long been a beer-loving town and it's hard for some folks to imagine an Athens without all of the bars, pubs, and restaurants, but most of them are still fairly young as far as businesses go. Trappeze was dropped down into the middle of a yellow beer town that held tightly to the dogma that all consumers wanted was a dollar pint and cheap shooters. So, in the middle of what seemed like a never ending race to the bottom, we opened a gourmet pub where we were determined to sell only the best craft beers we could get our hands on. We were prepared to struggle for as many years as it might take for customers to find us and fall in love with great beers the way we have. As it turned out, we had underestimated the number of folks who were craft fanatics and ended up with a solid group of enthusiastic regulars right off the bat. The past year and a half has been a journey through hundreds of great beers that we have shared with folks from all over the globe, many of whom have become dear friends. The dust has begun to settle a bit and I thought it would be a worthwhile pursuit to chronicle the many amazing beers and people that we have the pleasure of interacting with every day. For my part I am an avid homebrewer, co-owner of Trappeze Pub, and a longtime beer enthusiast. I am also a beer collector and one of those guys who spends as much time admiring the nose on a beer as the body. Great beer is an amazing thing that beckons all of the senses to pause and enjoy the truly special moment in life that it has just granted you. So here's to each of you who celebrate the simple pleasures in life that often crop up over a well crafted pint!


  1. Eric, I'd love to see you post a list of the beers that are ALWAYS available at Trappeze, just to see which beers you consider "must have's" - and then I can make sure I've tried them all!

    Jim Evans

  2. Thanks for posting this blog... Also the new email with all the beers you have on tap was very handy.. Thanks again for all the hard work.. I love Trappeze... Chris